Featured FAQ's

That's simple, we want you to use Your Ikigai for all your bookings and for it to be a major tool for your business. If we charged a commission, it would penalise you and cost your business every time you received or made a booking.
As soon as the 14-days FREE trial has expired, you will automatically be billed and begin your monthly subscription. There are no contracts so you can cancel at any time.
No. There is no contract. No software licences. You can cancel anytime.
Your Ikigai is billed in advance on a monthly basis and is non-refundable.
We take the time to check every listing on Your Ikigai is ensure that they align to the values that our customers will be expecting. Therefore we manually load every listing into the app and website, unfortunately this takes a little time but we do all we can to complete this as quickly as possible.
Yes, you can set and edit the email notifications that are sent to both clients and admins. You can find it under the options tab.
Click on the Payments tab to manage whether you accept payments online or not, and manage payment methods.
Your Ikigai supports the following payment options: 1) PayPal 2) 3) Bank account (for direct deposits)
Sure. You can manage your timetable and individual appointment calendars from one integrated control panel where you can add and edit appointments manually, manage working hours, employee profiles, login details and individual schedules.